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What item is on any party planner's list? Helium-filled ballons! Whether used in decorative bundles, a balloon arch to mark an entrance or as fun additions to goodie bags, a party just isn't a party without helium-filled balloons!

That's why Fill'n Away Helium Balloon Kits help you to make celebrations extra special with helium balloons filled quickly, easily and inexpensively. Each kit contains decoration materials, and also features Fill'N'Aways lightweight portable helium tank to make blowing up balloons a snap! Now you can achieve that colorful, festive look that only helium balloons create without worrying about transporting- or fitting - the balloons in your car. Whether celebrating a birthday, graduation, winning soccer season or open house, Fill'N'Away means decorative helium balloons anytime.

Please note:  Correctly inflated balloons will float for 5-7 hours as stipulated on the box.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Disposable helium canister (enough to fill 50 9" balloons)
  • 50 Balloons 
  • 1 Ribbon 
  • Please Note:To all our customers who need to blow up balloons:

  • Inhaling helium can be very dangerous – It may be funny but please do not do this for your own safety and that of others.
  • Inhaling helium or filling items other than balloons also results in wastage - Whilst preparing the balloons if you decide to inhale the gas this reduces the amount of balloons that can be produced – this means less balloons at your party
  • If you do any of the above please do not message us to say you got less balloons than the stated amount on the listing or packaging.
  • The packaging comes with clear guidelines on filling balloons and how a perfectly filled balloon would look like in shape – if you don’t follow these instructions (from the manufacturer) you will not get the most out of the product.
  • The use and consistency of helium gas cyclinders/canisters is also highly dependent on the following factors, all of which are beyond our control as a seller, (including temperature, quality of balloons, inefficient use and correct use of the valve)
  • Please take great care when using this product. Proper usage may result in a properly decorated party – happy decorating – have a great party!

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