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Kingfisher Pet Care Training Pads for Puppies - Pack of 75 Pads


Kingfisher Pet Care Training Pads for Puppies - Pack of 75 Pads

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Kingfisher training pads for puppies are ultra-absorbent and leak proof. These pads lock in moisture to prevent leakage and keep your floor and puppy dry.

Easy and effective way to toilet train a puppy. Multi-layer protection. Ultra-absorbent to lock in moisture. Prevents leakages. Odour eliminating to stop smells.

Simply place the puppy toilet pad on the floor with plastic side down, place your puppy onto the pad so that they can smell and remember the pad’s scent. This will make your puppy familiar and comfortable with the pad. It is important that you keep the pad in the same area so your puppy knows where to go, if they do not use the pad immediately, take them back several times until they are successful. After a while, they'll get used to the smell of the puppy toilet training pads and start to use them without assistance.

The training pads for puppies are multi-layered and ultra-absorbent, locking in moisture to protect floors and provide mess-free disposal. They've also been specially designed to eliminate odours so that your room doesn't smell like a dog waste bin.

Bumper pack of 75 puppy training pads

Size of each training pad: 40 x 50 cm