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ROBOTIME- Biting T-Rex Stegosaurus Mammoth Triceratops

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ROBOTIME- Biting T-Rex Stegosaurus Mammoth Triceratops

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The Triceratops is one of the best-known dinosaurs from the Cretaceous peroid, living about 72-65 million years ago. Pronounced tri-serra-tops, its name means "three-horned face"". With magnificen horns above its beak and rows this plant-eating dinosaur weighing in at over 5

If you were asked to name only one dinosaur it would probably be Tyrannosaurus, such is the fascination with this magnificent dinosaur from the Cretaceous Peroid, living about 72-65 million years ago. Pronounced tie-Ran-oh-sore-us, its name means "tyrant lizard"". With a massive skull

The Mammoth is one of those creatures that conjure up images of large, fearosome animals roaming the Earth millions of years ago. With magnificent tusks and a massive body, the Mammoth holds a special place in the history of the animal kingdom. Bring this Mammoth to life by following step-by-step instructions. With realistic movement, this sound-activated model is fabulous for children of all ages.

The Stegosaurus is one of the most easily identidified dinosaurs, living in the Jurassic peroid about 150 million years ago. Proncounced Steg-oh-sore-us, its name means "roof lizard"". With distinctive row kite-shapes plates along its back

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