Regina Odour Control Ultra Strong 3 Ply Paper Towel Tissue Rolls for Pets - 6 Roll Pack

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MADE FOR PET LOVERS: With pet owners wanting the very best for their furry friends, Regina Pets helps you maintain a clean and happy home for you and your pet. USES: Cleaning your pet after it has become dirty or wet, Cleaning muddy paw prints off floors and surfaces, Placed under food and water bowls to protect floors from spills, Clean up after unfortunate ‘accidents’

PATENDED TECHNOLOGY: Regina Pets uses adaptation of one of the key success factors behind Blitz: The positive emboss which is patented technology and unique to Sofidel. It provides each sheet of Regina Pets with unique and recognisable design and intrinsic strength characteristics

ODOUR CONTROL: Regina Pets contains an ingredient DEODECLYX R which is a fragrance technology that reduces/eliminates malodours through chemical reaction It targets specific malodours and chemically neutralises them

ULTRA STRONG: Regina Pets is ultra strong & hygienic alternative to a towel. It has extra large sheet format and hypoallergenic which means it is safe on the eyes, paws and the skin